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Director's Message

Dear Students,

Here are some useful pieces of advice to you.

Be a good mind applier. You should be a keen observer, patient listener and logical analyst. Meditate for better concentration. Intelligence and memory sharpens with tough experiences. The more you utilize your brain, the more refind it becomes. Self - control is the best control. Gloomy thoughts or T.V. may distact your attention. Your ability to control and setting out for work is major determining factor in your success and achievement

Have a permanent place with a simple table and chair for study at home. Fix a daily time table of your working.

Be realistic. Give weightage to reason than emotion. This will give you behavioral maturity

Be punctual and responsible: sense of responsibility will make you and adorable and successful child of the class.

I shower all the blessings on you.


KrishnVir Singh

Brilliant Buiblic School, Aligarah