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Mission & Vision


To instill perennial values that rear humanity,groom global citizens and give shape to a better world.


To provide an environment where the seeds of tolerance and understanding are implanted and the barriers made up of selfish elements are broken down.

To enable the students cultivate purity of heart and build up moral character.

To train the young ones creatively to help them grow into physically sound, intellectually awake and socially responsible individuals

Educational Aim

This institution aims at:

1. Integral growth of the students with special emphasis on religious values, moral character and self-discipline.

2. Preparing young students for life through knowledge and experience of the transcendent, cultural and religious tolerance, eco-sensitivity, intellectual development and responsible citizenship

3. Promoting the welfare of the nation by inculcating the true spirit of the Constitution of India

4. Facilitating active learning, making it creative and joyful.

5. Enabling the children to think, reason out and make decisions. Applying academic knowledge to life-situations.

To instil love and appreciation for our country and her heritage.